With El Faro Natural Sports Coaching you will develop a better management of your emotions, you will discover your strengths and get tools to work on your less strong points. You will be able to approach competitions in an optimal state, unleashing your full potential and feeling motivated.

Do you feel that as an athlete you lack confidence, consistency, motivation or that your personal issues are influencing your performance?

Natural Sports Coaching is a process of accompaniment that helps athletes of all disciplines, whether professional or not, and coaches to obtain and maintain the best possible performance.

In this process there is an overcoming self-knowledge that allows us to make interventions, corrections and establish strategies that positively influence both performance and the perception and enjoyment of the activity.

To get far in sport, it has been proven that it is not enough to train the body, but that the mind must also be trained to integrate body and mind.

Some of the benefits of Natural Coaching for athletes include:

Often athletes, even when they are playing, shift their concentration to the wrong areas with thoughts that do not help the game. Such as reflecting negatively on a mistake or failure.

Many of the interventions are aimed at keeping the athlete in the present, dealing with the game and leaving aside the results.

Many athletes are full of self-doubt and self-doubt is the opposite of confidence. If you have a lot of self-doubt before or during practice, it is an indicator of low self-confidence or at best an attempt to sabotage your confidence. Confidence is at the core of mental skills as it is directly related to all other skills.

To deal with setbacks and mistakes. Many athletes have strict expectations that are too high and then have trouble dealing with the minor mistakes that are a natural part of sport. It is important to accommodate expectations and help the athlete maintain composure in the face of pressure and in the face of mistakes or moments of frustration.

Different people and different sports require different levels of mental arousal(Arousal). Find the right state to perform at your best. As this varies from person to person and sport to sport it requires a level of self-awareness. It is important to go in with a high level of energy and positivity, but it is also important not to become over-excited.

Much of sport psychology and team coaching focuses on improving communication and cohesion. The more a team works as one, the better the results for all involved.

One of the areas where we work most often is in helping athletes to identify ineffective and negative beliefs and attitudes. These beliefs need to be identified and replaced with a new way of thinking. Ineffective thoughts and beliefs will keep you stuck and limit your growth and development as an athlete.

It is important to appreciate your level of motivation and identify what motivates you to do sport.  

There are athletes who are motivated by extrinsic reasons and play sport for the wrong reasons. For example, there are those who take up a sport because of parental influence or pressure.

We work to ensure that athletes have the right level of motivation and do it for the right reasons.

Some athletes are physically ready to return to activity after an injury but mentally they retain some scars. Injuries can undermine self-confidence and create self-doubt during competition, causing loss of concentration

We help athletes to heal mentally and lose the fear of re-injury.

Coachees from El Faro

Athletes who have passed through Natural Coaching El Faro leave us their comments.

It has helped me deal with internal problems and hard moments in my career. Today I feel more motivated and above all I enjoy my profession and the sport I love so much.
Sylvain Desquerre
Sylvain Desquerre
ex France National Team
Alongside with Eugenio we have worked on many situations in which we have been able to advance my development as an athlete and it has been reflected in my performance on the court, for which I am tremendously grateful and I recommend him to you.
Nicolas Sarmiento
Real Betis Futsal / 2 x Futsal World Champion, Argentina.
Thanks to the empathy of Eugenio, I was able to achieve self-confidence in the face of adversity in the competition and come out stronger after defeat. Their experience is noticeable by anticipating and seeing your needs, bringing your full potential to light.
Federico goñi
Surfer latin american Champion



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