Natural Executive Coaching


With Natural Coaching we offer 360º positive experiences. Where body, mind and soul are the central characters in surroundings of great natural beauty.

Executive Natural Coaching

Be a more effective leader

Become a more effective leader, overcome organisational challenges and empower your work. Natural Coaching, is here to help you achieve more than you ever could.

Improve your communication

Better natural communication significantly improves all areas of your life. At work communication tools enhances your capabilities, regardless of the role you play in the organisation.

Improve profesional relationships

Natural Comunication provide tools to enhance interpersonal relationships. With your partner, with your clients, with media. More confidence, better conflict management, better work flow.

Fulfill your Dreams

We offer a unique approach that not only guides clients to help them overcome obstacles, but also teaches them how to deal with future complications.

Beat your fears

Learn how to manage emotions and be prepared for any challenge. We help you to know, in a realistic way, what you can do based on your strengths and weaknesses, to focus on your opportunities

Enjoy the process

With Natual Coaching you enjoy every step, mixing professional / personal work with pleasurable activities.

Book a discovery session up to 20 min:  FREE OF CHARGE !


Team Natural Coaching

Improves comunication

Natural Comunication promotes positive practices for efficient and assertive communication. This enhances the development and purpose of the organisation. It reduces stress and uncertainty.

Improves integration

It is one of the first results obtained with Team Coaching, especially in organisations with poor internal communication or disintegrated teams. It increases the team feeling.

Improves time and workflow

The Team coaching process helps identify and set priorities. Identifies weaknesses and works on them with the organization's own strengths or those of other team members

Improves sense of belonguing

It works with the values of the organisation to achieve a spirit of belonging and identification with the objectives and the task.

Improves motivation

With the Team Coaching process and the experiential interventions, motivation and enthusiasm are rekindled. This is clearly experienced by the majority of the employees and creates a ripple effect that spreads to the rest. In this way, the Team coaching process has an holistic effect on the entire organisation.

General process improvement

The combination of the Team Coaching process with the various internal actions that are carried out on a daily basis, causes organisations to see a noticeable improvement in the general processes and well-being of their employees in a short period of time.

Natural Coaching Activities

Individual and group Natural Coaching activities in Mallorca.

We provide the best coaching experiences combined with outdoor and sporting activities to make each event a unique, high-level experience. NAtural 

Live the experience with us...

We organise unforgetable Team Building events, Boost Camps and Country Olympics.

 Possibility of one-day or multi-day events.

Team Bulding activities are very beneficial for businesses and organizations increase integration and motivation

Fun activities helps people see each other in a different light and allow them to connect in a different setting

Wake up, Feel, rejoice. Turn on. Individual and group coaching sessions in front of a campfire. Fire as a framework and as an ally helps us express feelings and thoughts. It puts us in touch with our skin and body with its heat.  Making contact with our skin through heat with our ideas and emotions through hypnotic flames. Fire with its flames, strength and peace as the possibility of renewal. Place Finca Equestrian Academy Son Cavalls.


Seminars: Conflicts managements

Conflict Management Seminars 

 Improve habilities to handle conflicts sensybly, fairly and efficiently.

Build a team who undestands conflicts and knows how to resolve them.


At the Son Cavalls Equestrian Academy.


Seminars: Effective Natural Comunication

Seminars on natural verbal and non-verbal communication assisted by horses.

You will learn and raise awareness about Effective Natural Communication. Communication as an attitude over the message. Natural Communication as a generator of positive change.

At the Son Cavalls Equestrian Academy.

Seminars: Positive natural leadership

Seminars: Natural Positive leadership.

Become a Natural leader.

expand your leadership skills. Lead with pisitive impact in the organization.

Reach your potencial.

Develope your self-warness and understanding your impact on others

At the Son Cavalls Equestrian Academy.

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