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 Since its origins, the motivation of Natural Coaching El Faro  has been to be the light that guides and orients individuals, companies and professionals in a situation of change, development and transformation to success.

    We carry out Natural Coaching combined with outdoor and sporting activities to make each session a unique, high-level experience. 

    Our experiences become undoubtedly personal and motivating, being the best way to achieve our goals.

    At El Faro Natural Coaching. We use activities that generate wellness and positive sensations as a framework for personal and team coaching. As far as possible, these activities will take place in natural environments and will be adapted to the tastes and requirements of the client.

We offer positive 360° experiences. Where body, mind and soul are the protagonists in environments of great natural beauty.

    At Natural Coaching El Faro we give our best into each project and work together with strategic partners to satisfy all our clients.


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Lic. Eugenio Burzaco

Hello! I’m Eugenio, Argentinean from Mar del Plata, currently living in Palma de Mallorca. Passionate about sportsadventure and outdoor life.

I am a Psychologist, Coach and Active Tourism Monitor, I help people and professionals to develop their maximum potential, to make intelligent and creative decisions when solving problems.

I like to deal with people, real people, those who are behind their profession, their character, their feelings. Those who accept that there are difficulties in life and instead of worrying, take care and seek to progress.

I am passionate about motivating people to bring out the best in them, developing their talents and empowering them so they learn to be truly happy 🙂. I am passionate about motivating people to bring out their best, developing their talents and empowering them so that they learn to be truly happy.

Why me?

I like to trust people and their potential, it is amazing what people achieve when they are well oriented and motivated towards their goals. I believe  we are all special people, that’s why I like to get involved in every project, giving the best of myself so that you can achieve your goals.

My training as a psychologist gives me an enriching vision within coaching. It gives me a particular way of understanding the problems and emotions involved, facilitating the development of tools according to each person and situation. 

Unlike therapeutic spaces where the focus is on pathologies and psychic suffering, in my sessions I focus on goals, on empowering people and helping them to take control of their lives in order to achieve their goals.

With an approachable style, my sessions are oriented towards understanding and examining the problems that impede the achievement of personal goals and wellbeing. Providing tools that allow you to see opportunities instead of obstacles, developing habits that help you to face any obstacle. Improving your confidence and recovering your capacity for autonomy.

Contact me here today and together we can find a way to help you.



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