Natural Coaching in Mallorca


¨If you’re alright, everything will be alright.
If you are better everything will be even better.¨

Eugenio Burzaco

A unique Life  and Motivational Coaching

For you  –  For your son or daughter  –  For a friend  –  For a family member  –  For someone you care

Reconnect with yourself

Feel alive again, feel your body , your emotions. Listen to your body, your heart and your mind. Gain more confidence in yourself and in what you can do.

Improve your communication

Better natural communication significantly improves all areas of your life.

Improve your relationships

With your partner, with your children, with friends or partners. More confidence, better conflict management, more happiness.

Fulfill your Dreams

Learn skills to overcome any obstacle and get where you want.

Beat your fears

Learn how to manage emotions and be prepared for any challenge.

Enjoy the process

With Natual Coaching you enjoy every step, mixing personal work with pleasurable activities.

Our experiences undoubtedly become personal and motivating, being the best way to achieve goals.


Personally, I believe that life is measured in anecdotes, moments that are transformed into experiences worthy of being remembered, shared and never forgotten.  Like a Lighthouse, those experiences will become a guide for your life.

Try our...

Natural Coaching and Elements

A space designed to reconnect your body with your emotions and your senses.

Live the experience with us in Mallorca...

In the incredibles waters of Mallorca, reconnecting with our senses in the presence of water, we take advantage of its natural capacity to lower our defences and let our emotions flow. natural ability to lower our defences and let our emotions flow.



Along paths by the sea, rural or mountain trails.

 Reconnecting with our senses, listening, smelling, tasting, feeling and observing helps us to get in touch with our body and what it has to tell you.

Making contact with our skin through the heat with our ideas and emotions through the hypnotic flames.

Fire with its flames, strength and peace as the possibility of renewal. 



The contact with the Rock, Mountains and Forests helps us to act instinctively again. By facing our bodies, sensations, thoughts and emotions, to overcome chalenges.


To feel and listen to oneself again is a gift we should all give ourselves.

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