The best experience in Mallorca, outdoors, with activities and adventures for you to enjoy a positive 360º experience.

What is Natural Coaching?

In Natural Coaching, we make the  Coaching experience as natural as possible. As natural as a deep conversation during a bike ride with a friend, as natural as the desire to do activities that fill your soul, leave your heart happy and your head working.

Natural Coaching & Adventure was born out of a real need for people to make friends in general with the consultation, tutoring or even therapy space. To differentiate from traditional facilities that generate resistance to both proposals and personal openness. This is why my proposal is to have the Natural Coaching Sessions in naturally positive places and to carry out in Mallorca, pleasurable activities for body, mind and soul

Working in a natural environment stimulates creativity, improves cognitive development and fosters connection with ourselves.

Benefits of Natural Coaching

Natural Coaching & Adventure in Mallorca

Natural Coaching is perfect for...

  • People who want and need to reconnect with themselves. Reconnect with their body, reconnect with their feelings, reconnect with their passions, reconnect with their desires and tastes.

  • People who are in a process of health recovery or treatment, offering a careful, but at the same time liberating and energising motor activity.

  • People looking for a healthy and fun activity.

  • People with a taste for nature and psychology, as a space for introspection and exchange of ideas and points of view.

  • People looking for activities as part of a creative and stimulating process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.

  • People who wish to improve their relationships with their partner, family or work.

  • People who want to live a different positive experience, more transcendental and positive than a clasic coaching.

  • ompanies that wish to offer their staff experiences that serve both to reduce work-related tensions and at the same time promote personal development.

  • Companies in the process of job promotion, where employees will be faced with new professional challenges.

  • Companies that want to give unique experiences to their employees in recognition of their efforts. 

Coaching Services

Natural Coaching

-Life Coaching

-Personal Coaching

-Motivational Coaching

-Coaching for Kids and Teens 

-Sport Coaching


With Natural Coaching you enjoy a positive 360° experience, different from traditional models. In naturally positive environments, with activities that make you feel your body while opening your mind to work towards your goals.

Relational Natural Coaching



-Parents and sons




In Relational Coaching we accompany you in the process of overcoming the challenges that arise and we focus on resolving them in a conscious way, promoting a positive evolution of the relationship.

Natural Coaching for Companies

-Executive coaching

-Team Coaching

-Team Building




We help you to know what you can do in your company. By focusing on the opportunities of your work team and organization.


We work on:



Conflict managements




Lic. Eugenio Burzaco

Lic. Eugenio Burzaco

I am a Psychologist, Coach and Active Tourism Instructor.

My philosophy of contiuing education led to training in personal development, coaching, effective communications, negotiation and conflict management. 

But above all things I have always understood that body and mind must always work together!



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